Get Lean

Nutrition Counseling with customized blueprints for losing fat, improving metabolic health & repairing your relationship with food.


Feel like you’re doing everything right, but can’t shake the weight? That’s because it’s very difficult to lose weight in the presence of cortisol, your stress hormone. We work together on improving stress management for reducing emotional eating in conjunction w/done-for-you menus so you can focus more on improving your mental health, & less about tracking food.



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FAT-LOSS GUIDE: Create Your Own Nutrition Plan

Learn how to take control of your own nutrition! 


  • Biggest fat-loss struggles & how to overcome them
  • How to determine the right calorie load for your goals
  • Working with macronutrients for fat-loss
  • How to cycle calories to get to your goals
  • Meal Planning Guide
  • 5-Day Recipe Book