Weight Gain Is Not Your Problem

By Gelatin, Pexels.com

Over 10 years of helping people lose weight, although I hate to do it, it’s time I tell you the truth.


Weight-gain is not your problem.


Your problem is that you’ve spent decades believing you should be something you’re not. And living into that image has been wrought with nothing but self-blame & exhaustion. You’ve been jamming your square peg self into places you were never meant to fit, Love. And you’re reminded of it every time, right?


Every time you go overboard for someone’s approval.

Every time you’re taken for granted.

Every time you feel slanted or doubt your direction.

Every time you distrust your gut for fear of being wrong or rejected.

Every time you ignore your own needs.


You’re reminded.


You’re reminded what happens when you put Self last so you can bask in the validation from others.


Except you ignore these reminders. Pretend they don’t exist (like the way you ignore the abyss where your self-worth can be found.)


Instead, you relive the Every Times & permit the narratives to play in your head. Letting them spread false beliefs in your mind that say you’re not worthy. If you don’t live up. If you don’t show up. Then you don’t deserve to be healthy. You don’t deserve to be well. You don’t deserve to excel at being athletic, or strong, or fast, or lean, or … happy.


Because without even realizing it, you’ve bought into an identity that others made for you.

And your constant need to please them is how they preyed on you.


You feel best when you live up to their expectations, but in the end … they’re just futile acts of self-preservation. OR maybe you’re trapped, wrapped up in protecting an image someone else drew & it’s not even YOU, but you don’t know it. Instead you try to control the narrative of others so you can uphold it. It’s not even YOU. And yet you drain your energy’s last ounce just trying to count the number of days before you lose it.


Weight gain is not your problem.


Your problem is that you continue to live out of alignment with who you truly are or what you want from this life.


Do you even know? Do you know who you are? What you want? How you want to get it? Do you know what lights you up? What lets you down? What you you want to create or donate to this world? What legacy you want to leave, what magic you want to weave to fulfill your vision for this life?


Instead of food restrictions & over-exercise, let’s start first with knowing yourself. Let’s replace “lies” with “wise.” And then we can go on to nourishing yourself, instead of punishing yourself.


Because after over 10 years of helping people feel leaner, I prefer to be in the business of helping people feel BETTER.


Want to learn more about how I can help clients get out of their own way so they can smash their goals?



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