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30-Day Anti-Anxiety Wellness Reboot

At some point in our mid-lives we pick our heads up and realize: “I’ve spent my whole life in service to others, & I have nothing left for myself.”

WTF even am I?

  • I sleep like crap.
  • I don’t know how to eat.
  • My anxiety is through the roof.
  • I feel like human garbage.
  • How long have I been walking around like this?

More importantly: Where the hell do I even start?

Hi, I’m Vanessa. I’m a 15-years practicing nutrition counselor, strength coach &trauma-informed, stress management specialist.


Ahem, I’m also a recovering hypervigiliant, perfectionist, type-A, do-er. All products of a traumatic childhood that I spent most of my life trying to forget.


But as I approached my mid-40s, I started suffering from chronic anxiety, sleeplessness & relentless self-critical thought streams. 


My mind just never turned off. 


I was short-tempered.

I constantly filled my plate with work, fitness & family commitments. 

I felt endlessly overwhelmed & depleted.


I had a nagging feeling that I was missing out on my life, even though I was drowning within it.


What I later realized was that my incessant need to be doing was an escape mechanism. It wasn’t until I made a conscious decision to SLOW DOWN & evaluate my past trauma, limiting belief systems & lifestyle that I could see things more clearly.

I made the following changes that positively impacted my life:

Once I dug in, I began experiencing more:

The self-work I was doing led me to study the impact of stress and trauma on the brain, and how it affects our daily thinking & behavior patterns. I also started noticing the same patterns in my nutrition and fitness clients. 


It was clear they needed much more than a fat-loss program.

They Needed:

That’s why I created this introductory program as a starting place. A jumping-off point to reduce the overwhelm for us all to

Get Your Life Back!

How it Works

What does the Program Include?


Interested? Schedule a consultation to discuss your goals & health history: