Meal Planning for the Overwhelmed & Understaffed

I’ll be honest.


Those photos of the neatly prepped & stuffed meal containers annoy the hell out of me.


I’m just as Type-A as the next person, but the nutrition coaches who practice & preach this routine are expecting a LOT out of their clients. Not everyone has the time or energy to PRE-prepare their entire week’s worth of meals on a regular basis. And if you’re new to counting macros, it just adds to the overwhelm. Prepping all meals for the entire week is exhausting, & I want to be in & done so I can practice piano or meditate or clip my toenails.


Self-care can’t happen if we’re always in the kitchen, people.


So how DO we set ourselves up for nutritional success in a way that leaves us with energy, instead of draining it? I’m so glad you asked.


  • Eat the same damn breakfast for the whole month. Do you seriously need to eat from a buffet of options on the daily? No. You’re not that high-maintenance. Prioritize protein, try to add some micronutrients/veggies (you can do it in the morning, I believe in you.), & then whatever else you want to add because honestly if you’re getting in your protein & micros, who cares? But if you’re tracking macros (IYTM), then you’ll want to be more precise.

8oz Almond milk, unsweetened
Handful spinach or other greens
30g (2 scoops) Whey powder
140 Frozen mixed fruit
60g Avocado
20g P/30g C/10g F = 300 kcal


  • Start with dinner & select 3 proteins. I usually do 2 nights chicken, 1 night beef & 1 night fish. Tracking macs? Then choose LEAN, low-fat sources. Count on one night of leftovers or freezer nights, (we call this “fend for yourself” night.) And then one night somebody’s taking me out cuz I ain’t cooking another damn day, thank you. If that’s not in your budget, make it TWO freezer nights.
  • Determine protein portions. IYTM, then you’ll need to figure out how many ounces you need to fulfill your protein requirements for that meal. For now, let’s say you need 4 oz (30g P). You’re feeding a family of four and each get 4oz, then you need 1 lb of chicken for one meal. Want leftovers for lunch or other dinners for a few days? Double it.
  • Choose 2 fat sources. Maybe it’s butter on your veggies or olive oil on your salad. Fat has to come from our food, & it’s responsible for hormone regulation so don’t skip it. IYTM, use spray oil for the cooking pan & then use My Fitness Pal to determine your fat portion to meet your requirements.
  • Choose 2 carbs. Potato, tortilla, rice are fine options. Stop demonizing carbs. As long as your meals are balanced & you’re good about getting in daily movement, you won’t gain weight especially IYTM. Your brain & muscles NEED glucose to function. More on this later.
  • Choose 2 veggies. Produce is expensive & it can often go to waste. We start out with good intentions (eat the rainbow!) but then we’re cleaning science projects out of fridge drawers at the end of the week. Pick two veggies you’ll eat all week with both dinner & lunch. Make sure you switch them up the following week to get a diverse micronutrient profile into your bod.

1 lb Chicken Breast, skinless/boneless
1 jar Salsa
1 packet Taco Seasoning, (I dig Primal Palate. No additives/preservatives)
1 package frozen Bell Pepper Strips

39 P/33C/13 F = 413 kcal

Dump it all in a crockpot. Heat low 2-3 hours. Shred with a kitchen mixer. (You heard me.) Serve over white rice (120g = 33 C) & avocado (60g=10 F).


So let’s say you chose for the week:
2 chicken, 1 beef & a fish.
Olive oil & butter
White rice & sweet potato
Kale & Green beans


That means IYTM, all you need to do is select some dry or jarred seasoning that’s super macro-friendly. Soy, buffalo or tomato sauce, taco seasoning, ranch packet, mixed jarred seasonings all fit the bill. Mix & match for the week any way you want.


MONDAY: Chicken-veggie stir-fry w/rice

TUESDAY: Beef & Sweet potato chili w/kale

WEDNESDAY: Freezer night

THURSDAY: Baked salmon w/white rice & green beans

FRIDAY: Leftovers

SATURDAY: Get out or take-out

SUNDAY: Buffalo Chicken w/potato & green beans

Double up on any recipes/meals you want to eat for lunch the next day. I also like to make a batch of high-protein soup for the week when I’m feeling motivated.

Keep meals simple. Plan your dinners. Meet your macs. You’ll be gravy, baby.


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